Collection Counter


This part counts the number of items in a given collection. The count is sent out not only through the "count_out" terminal, but also through one of the "more_than_zero_out", "zero_out", and "less_than_zero_out" terminals. You can configure the part so that a specific message is sent out through those three terminals. If you do not configure them, the count will be sent out.

The Part in Action

The best way to learn how to use this part is to see how it is used in context! Here are some Websites that use the part!

Technical Specification

Configurable Properties

  • emits_when_count_is_zero
  • emits_when_count_is_greater_than_zero
  • Inputs

  • collection_in
  • Outputs

  • greater_than_zero_count_indication_out
  • zero_count_indication_out
  • collection_count_out
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