Countdown Timer


This part can be triggered to count off the time in miliseconds. Once the preconfigured interval is reached, it sends out a trigger. To reset the count down, simply trigger it again. You may also trigger it to stop the count down.

The part can be configured to trigger itself as soon as it powers up, and it can be configured to use the local time instead of the UTC standard it uses by default.

The Part in Action

The best way to learn how to use this part is to see how it is used in context! Here are some Websites that use the part!

Technical Specification

Configurable Properties

  • triggers_in_milliseconds
  • does_trigger_automatically
  • does_use_local_time
  • Inputs

  • __power__
  • start_trigger_in
  • stop_trigger_in
  • Outputs

  • time_reached_indication_out
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